Our rifle program focuses on providing training and facilitating organized events at the club. The committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the clubhouse.
For questions about the rifle programs, please email Frank Tait (lprgcfrank@gmail.com)

Checkout some pictures from the Revere’s Riders – Basic Rifle Class conducted on Saturday, 3/18/17

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Major Accomplishment Achieved by

Two Youth Shooters!

Andrew Schildt (left) and Caius Bartlett (right)

At the March 2017 General Membership meeting, two fine young gentlemen were recognized for achieving a major accomplishment.  Andrew Schildt and Caius Bartlett, after a lot of hard work and perseverance, both met all of the qualification requirements for NRA / Winchester Smallbore Distinguished Expert, the highest qualification one can achieve.

The boys were recognized at the LPRGC General Membership last night by Frank Tait (Rifle Committee Chairman) and their awards given to them by Bill Cassidy (President, LPRGC).

Andrew being given his Distinguished Expert Award by Bill Cassidy, LPRGC President.

Caius being given his Distinguished Expert Award by Bill Cassidy, LPRGC President.

Frank Tait providing awards for Andrew.

Frank Tait providing awards for Caius.

A big congratulations to both of these guys on making Distinguished Expert and being an example to the rest of the Smallbore shooters.


The Rifle Brass Has Been Sorted!!

A huge thank you to those that came out to help sort all of the brass that had been collected from the 100yd range for awhile now.  We had about 6-7 people show up with their sorting hats on and ready to sort through about six 5-gallon buckets full of brass…..by Hand!  

There were some tasty meatball sandwiches for the crew to eat and beer (“real” and the “root” variety) to quench our thirst.  The amount of brass sorted was huge.  After the sorting process, the brass was measured and bagged for sale …… All of the proceeds will be donated to the Youth Rifle Program

Below are the end result from the sorting, bagging and pricing process.  

Please remember that all of the money raised from the sale of this rifle brass will be given to the LPRGC Youth Rifle Program to help meet the needs of the program and the kids involved….which is always a worthy cause to support!

.223 Caliber (26 Bags)

30-06 Caliber (10 Bags)

.308 Caliber (11 Bags)

30-30 Caliber (2 Bags)







.270 Caliber (1 Bag)



.243 Caliber (1 Bag)

 All of the brass pictured here will be available at the LPRGC General Membership Meeting on Tuesday Night (3/7/17 @ 7pm)


Rifle Committee Meeting Notes

Topics of Discussion:

  • What help is needed for the upcoming work party to rebuild 100yd target bases: (the lumber already has already been dropped off at the 100yd shed?)

    The lumber next to the shed is not pressure treated and therefore can’t be used for the bases. Justin will pick up the necessary lumber, and will need a couple of people from the work party to help with the build.

  • NRA Distinguished Expert awards at the general meeting next week – who is getting and how do we want to do this – who presents the award?  (we should have a photographer volunteer so this makes club website and newsletter)

The committee feels that a senior member of the board would be the best person to hand out the awards, Bill would be first choice.  (Todd Thompson has volunteered to play the role of photographer as best he can!)

  • Revere’s Riders – need instructor support on March 18
  • Raffle – our account balance is down to about $4K – do we want to do another raffle to rebuild the bank account?  Someone to lead?

Dan said he would be OK with leading this effort.  He’ll look into a way to get some rifles cheap (Maybe use our NRA instructor discounts someplace like Daniel Defense)

  • What material/supplies do we need? – I’ll reimburse Andrew for the NRA books for Jr. Rifle.

Nothing from the committee on this topic

  • Do we want to trash the lockers in the armory as part of the next work party?

Yes, we should get rid of them, and replace with shelves, also possibly remove the door from the ammo cabinet and put shelves in there.

  • Cleaning Clinic March 30- need volunteers.

There should be enough volunteers to accomplish the task as long as Todd Thompson does not slow everyone down by working at a snails pace!

  • Brass Sorting – March 5 – need volunteers.

    Some have committed to be there, but maybe an email should go to the general rifle group, or even the full club group about this. (Same with the cleaning clinic).

  • New Items:
    • Jim would like to move the Carbine 1 from April 16 (Easter) to April 23, and use the 100yd range (still 22lr) since the range is already reserved for the 4th Sunday Rifle Shoot.

    • Justin said a couple of people have approached him about moving Rifle Refresher to just after the Work Parties.

Revere’s Riders Class (Basic Rifle)

The first Revere’s Riders class has come to an end and as expected, it was a great time.  A big Thank You goes out to all of the Instructors who taught and assisted students with the class.  From facilitating the class, providing range commands, helping students with problem areas, providing a great history lesson, explaining the intricacies when sighting in a rifle for those not as experienced, to making sure the teaching environment was kept safe for all students, the Instructors made it all possible!!
Here are some pictures from the class:













For more pictures, head over to the Revere’s Riders page under Rifle or click [here]


Rifle Cleaning Clinic – Success!

(Tentative date for the next clinic is March 30)

The clinic was held last night (9/29) and fun was had by all…..

All of the rifles in the gun locker were cleaned by those in attendance and in addition, we got to enjoy some insightful questions/answers along with quite a bit of humor…..provided mostly by Jim (he had me laughing just about the entire time)!!













Intriguing and insightful conversation!


Getting the work done!













Frank Tait (Rifle Committee Chair) was very appreciative of those that showed up to accomplish the task.  Join us next time and get in on the fun!

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