Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a “waiting list” to join the club?

A: No. On rare occasions we close our membership. When we reopen, it will be to everyone.

Q: I used to be a member. Can I resume my old membership?

A: If you have let your membership expire for more than two years, you will need to start over as a new member. If you are simply late in renewing, you can renew online or by mail and we’ll reactivate your membership.

Q: I renewed my membership, when will I get my sticker?

A: We are no longer issuing stickers. The membership records are 100% electronic and tied to your new access card.

Q: Do the old key cards still work?

A: No. We re-issued key cards in 2016. The new cards have an American Flag background. The old cards do not work with the new security system.

Q: How will we know what the gate codes are?

A: Gate codes will be displayed when you sign in at the membership kiosk in the clubhouse.

Q: How can I add a guest pass, spouse, or junior to my membership

A: You can do this at the monthly membership meeting or fill out and mail in this form.