Bylaws Ammendment


Section 1. The monthly general meeting shall be the 1st Tuesday of each month. Should the date be a holiday, the President shall announce, at the previous general meeting, the new meeting date. The annual meeting or election meeting shall be held the 1st Tuesday of October The new Board of Directors will preside at the November General Meeting.

Section 2. 40 (forty) voting members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for a general or special meeting.

Section 3 If 20 (twenty) voting members in good standing request the President to call a special meeting, it shall be his/her duty to do so. A date shall be set for that meeting to fall within 15 (fifteen) business days of said request, provided the request is in writing and the purpose of the meeting so stated. The President will advertise said meeting for 3 (three) consecutive days, during that 7 (seven) day period immediately prior to said date, in the local newspaper(s). The President will notify the Board of Directors of the special meeting.

Section 4. The Board of Directors will regularly meet on at least a quarterly basis. The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors shall take place on the Wednesday prior to the monthly general meeting. The Chairman shall notify the membership and the Board of Directors of the dates of meetings via Club Website Calendar. To conduct the business of the Club, there must be present at least a simple majority of all current board members, not including the Chairman of the Board. At least 2 (two) executive board members must be present in the simple majority. The Chairman presides over the board meeting. If the Chairman cannot be present, the sequence of presiding board members shall be President, Vice President and Treasurer, followed by the executive board member with the longest tenure. The Recording Secretary or a substitute chosen by the presiding board members shall record all minutes of the board meeting. Club members may attend but not participate in the regular board meeting unless recognized by the Chair. Non board members may be asked to leave the meeting when a sensitive matter is being discussed. Should the date be a holiday, impractical or if an emergency arises wherein at least two executive board members cannot attend the board meeting, the chairman shall announce, as soon as practical, the new monthly meeting of the board of directors. The chairman shall notify the membership and the board of directors of this change via electronic means and shall notify the membership via the club’s website and electronic means.

Section 5. A special board meeting, i.e., other than the regularly scheduled monthly board meeting, may be requested by: (1) the Chairman of the Board; or (2) the President; or (3) by written, signed request of a majority of the current Board of Directors. The request, in writing, must be submitted to the Chairman or the President. The special board meeting must take place within 10 (ten) business days after receipt of the written request. Notification of the special board meeting must be given to the Board of Directors within 5 (five) business days of receipt of the request. Notification may be done by phone, mail, or electronic notification. The special board meeting must be presided over by the Chairman or President. Attendees must include at least two (2) executive board members. Minutes of the special board meeting must be recorded and entered into the Club’s Book of Minutes.

Section 6. All monthly General Meetings and Board Meetings are to be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.





  1. The alleged offender must be given the opportunity to be heard in his/her own defense and confront all witnesses. Prior to the Board of Directors meeting (or a special meeting called for the purpose of reviewing charges), the alleged offender must be given 2 (two) week notice, in writing, by any means which provides signature confirmation of delivery, certified/return receipt mail of the charges against him/her. The notice shall also include the date, time, and location of the meeting. Should the alleged offender decline to attend, or neglect to show up at the meeting, the Board may proceed with the meeting