Election Results

The election of Club Officers was held Tuesday Oct 1, at the October General Membership meeting. Turnout was nearly double the average number of voters, but still some of the contested races were pretty close. These are the final results.

Preliminary Activities

Before voting began, Ted Murphy withdrew his nomination. He had not met the qualification requirements to stand for election or serve in office. He had not attended 4 of the past 12 general membership meetings.

After Ted withdrew, Mike Gottlieb threw his hat into the ring to run for Treasurer. He ran against Paul Jones who had been nominated after the September general membership meeting. So both candidates for Treasurer were write ins.

Special Thanks

I want to thank my fellow election committee members, Karl Beckers and Joe DeMaria. I valued their help and council in navigating the many questions and requests that we received regarding the election this year. And the vote counting was clearly a marathon, taking 2.5 hours! “Doc” Dougherty helped with the count too. Thanks Doc.

I also want to give special thanks to Andrew Schaefer for his assistance. At the last moment, Andrew created an app to read the membership cards of the members that were voting. This meant that we did not need to manually look up the membership status of the people that were voting That really helped keep the line moving. Thanks too to the membership that with only a few rare exceptions, remembered to bring their membership cards to vote.

Elected Officers

The following people won their respective races and will serve as your board after the November board meeting. The four discipline chairs (archery, pistol, rifle, trap) will be elected by their respective committee members and will also join the new board.


Bill Cassidy


Ron Jones


Paul Jones

Recording Secretary

Brian Kester

Membership Secretary

Andrew Schaefer

Chairman of the Board

Frank Tait

Safety Director

Dan McMonigle

Ways & Means Director

Vicky Lynch

House & Property Directors (elect 2)

Walter Mosetter
Justin Schildt

Respectfully Submitted,

Douglas Orth
2019 Elections Committee Chairman