Election Bylaws Amendment

The board has recommended updating the club election bylaws to reflect a number of changes and improvments. These changes were read to the membership at the June 2 2020 General Membership meeting, and will be voted on at the July 7 2020 General Membership Meeting. The updated text is as follows:


Section 1. Appointment of the Nominating/Election Committee – At or before the August general membership meeting, the President shall appoint a chairman and a minimum of 2 (two) members of a nominating/election committee. The committee may be larger in number, as determined by the chairman in consultation with the President, to accomplish its purpose.

Section 2. Tenure of the Nominating/Election Committee – To avoid any appearance of undue influence by the sitting Board of Directors (some of which may be candidates in the current election), once appointed by the President, the tenure of the nominating/election committee shall remain in place until the completion of the current election cycle (typically 30 days after the October election or 30 days after any runoff elections needed to settle tie vote tallies).  The only exception to this section would be a flagrant violation of the election by-laws by a member of the nominating/election committee, which would be cause for removal from the committee by the President.

Section 3. Duties of the Nominating/Election Committee – The nominating/election committee is charged with the following duties:

  • The nominating/election committee shall equitably and impartially consider all potential candidates and select a slate of eligible members available for office.
  • The nominating/election committee shall serve as Judge of Elections, Machine Operator and Clerk of the Election.
  • The nominating/election committee shall confirm the eligibility of the nominees with the Membership Secretary, prepare ballots, certify credentials, tally votes, and perform any other duties which might be required for the orderly and fair election of officers and directors.
  • The committee shall, upon demand of any eligible voter, produce for examination the tabulations of the ballot. Ballots, or the tally printout in the case of voting machines, shall be retained for a period of 30 (thirty) days after the election is held.

Section 4. Information Provided to the Nominating/Election Committee – To perform its duties, certain information must be provided to the nominating/election committee.

  • The Membership Secretary shall provide the nominating/election committee with a current list of the Club membership prior to the election so that a voter’s membership status can be verified.
  • The nominating/election committee shall be provided with the means to examine the general membership meeting attendance log as currently recorded (i.e. in book form, electronic record, etc.) to determine the eligibility of the nominees.

Section 5. The Nomination Process – It is the responsibility of all Club members desiring to hold office to make their wishes known to the committee prior to the September General Membership meeting. The committee shall attempt to place at least two (2) candidates, with experience as outlined in the board approved job descriptions, for each office on the slate. The committee shall give its report at the September general membership meeting, at which time additional nominations from the floor will be accepted. A motion to close the nominations is not in order until a reasonable time has been given for making nominations, as determined by the chairman in concurrence with those voting members present at the September general membership meeting. No additional nominations shall occur or be accepted after the adjournment of the September General Membership meeting. .

Section 6. Eligibility to Stand for Election – No member shall be eligible to accept nomination or be elected to any office unless

  1. the member has been a voting member in continuous good standing for a minimum period of 12 (twelve) months, and
  2. the member shall have attended at least 4 (four) of the regular monthly meetings in the 12 months prior to the election. Note that if a regular monthly meeting was canceled for any reason during the year preceding the election, the attendance requirement remains the same (attendance at a minimum of 4 meetings). Attendance shall be determined by the general membership meeting attendance log as currently recorded (see Section 4 above).

No waiver will be permitted concerning requirements 1) or 2) above for eligibility to stand for election.

Section 7. Construction of the Ballot – The names of the nominees for a given office shall be placed on the ballot in an order determined by random lots. Voters have the right of writing in names on the ballot. Therefore, the ballot will make provisions for a write in candidate for each office. Write-in candidates must meet all eligibility requirements as stated in Section 6.

Section 8. Campaign Regulations – All nominees have the option of writing a short statement of qualifications and/or a campaign platform. The length of the statement is to be determined by the nominating/election committee. A combined email of Statements will be sent to the members on the club email distribution list, prior to the election. Candidates may also post their statements to the club’s group email forums; such statements shall not be demeaning to other nominees.

Campaign posters, limited to 8.5 x 11 inches, may be posted on the bulletin board next to the indoor range. Posters should detail the nominee’s qualifications, and not be demeaning to other nominees. No other written material may be distributed or posted on Club grounds prior to elections or on election night.

Candidates will also be permitted time to address the membership at the October General Membership meeting, prior to the election. The period of time allotted to address the membership is to be determined and strictly enforced by the Nominating Committee.

Section 9. Eligibility to Vote in Elections – Each voting member in good standing, upon satisfactory proof of qualifications, shall be entitled to vote for each candidate on the ballot. If a Club member is not known personally to a majority of the nominating election committee, that member must present either a valid membership card or a current driver’s license or other state or federal identification in order to be allowed to vote.

Section 10. Conduct of Elections – Elections shall be held by secret ballot at the October General Membership meeting. The October meeting shall begin at 7:00 PM and the polls shall open immediately following any required preliminary activities of the election committee.

Polls shall close promptly at 8:30 PM or when all eligible voters present at the meeting have voted. Anyone in line at 8:30 PM shall be accorded the right to consummate the voting process, but no additional members may vote who were not in line to vote at poll closing time. No vote may be cast once the polls close other than as specified herein with regard to persons waiting in line to vote at poll closing time.

No proxy votes or absentee ballots shall be allowed.

The winning candidates shall be determined by a plurality vote. In the event of a tie, a runoff election for the tied office shall take place at the next regularly scheduled general membership meeting and notice promptly shall be posted on the Club web site. Any runoff election shall be conducted in full compliance with the rules for a regular election.