Rifle Range Improvements

The improvements for the Rifle Range will be completed on Wednesday, September 30th and the range will reopen to members on Thursday, October 1st.
Update: The multi-position bay will not be open on October 1st, this will have to wait until the concrete pad used for CMP and other events is installed.

From the backstop to the target line, here are the changes with supporting pictures:

  • The backstop has been cleared of the steel overhang and the concrete barriers to give us a clean earthen backstop that makes it much easier to re-groom and to have better erosion and drainage control and facilitate lead recovery.
  • The 100yd target line has been completely rebuilt and permanent steel installed.  We will have more steel targets installed as some of the old targets were too damaged to put back out and we have ordered replacements. 
  • The 75 yard ground baffle was removed.  This will allow the Carbine classes and other action oriented events to have a full 50 yard area to operate.
  • There are new sky baffles at 5, 25 and 50 yards to keep any errant rounds on the range. 
  • The ground baffles and target stands at the 50 and 25 yard lines were repaired. 

There is still some work remaining to be done, but we will handle that during upcoming work parties. The work party on October 10 will:

  • Paint the wooden cladding of the supports of the Sky baffles.
  • Modify the target stand holder racks to make them lower so they are easier to get stands in and out of the racks.
  • Rebuild target stands.
  • Install Range Limit poles and flags.

Larry Morris and his team will also be installing a new light based man downrange system to replace the current signs as well as repositioning the downrange camera.
The area in front of the firing line that is used for CMP and other competitions will have additional work to put in a concrete pad at a later date.  

Many thanks to President Bill Cassidy, Lou Liberato, Justin Schlidt, Mark Harvill, Bart Jefferies and Dan McMonigle for all of their volunteer efforts to handle the finishing work.

The Board of Directors.