Tuesday Knights Action Pistol League


The Action Pistol League meets every Tuesday night beginning at 5:30pm.

You must take the NRA Personal Protection In the HomeNRA Personal Protection Outside the Home and the Tuesday Knight Action Pistol Course to get an invitation to join the Tuesday Knights Action Pistol League or become Action Qualified. These classes are provided by Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club NRA Certified Instructors. We realize that many will take the classes to learn about Personal Protection In and Outside the Home without any interest in joining the Tuesday Knights or getting Action Qualified just as many in the past have. There is no requirement to take the  Intermediate Qualifier or accept the invitation to join the Tuesday Knights.

Taking the classes at LPRGC with our NRA Instructors give us the opportunity to work with you one on one and includes the Action Pistol Course required to join the Tuesday Knights Action Pistol League and/or become Action Qualified. You must have excellent gun handling & safety skills to participate. The Action Pistol Course prepares you for this. The Tuesday Knights group runs a hot range and requires a great deal of expertise. Your safety and the safety of the group are critical. The Tuesday Knights Action Pistol Course is a prerequisite to taking the Intermediate Qualifier.

It is important to understand that induction into the Tuesday Knight Action Pistol League is by invitation only. Just taking the classes does not meet the requirements. The student must meet all the following requirements to be invited:


  1. Both the NRA Personal Protection In The Home and Personal Protection Outside The Home must be fully attended without missing any sessions.
  2. Must complete both NRA classes and the integrated Action Pistol Class safely.
  3. Must exhibit excellent and safe gun handling skills during the classes.
  4. Must have a good positive learning attitude, be considerate of the instructors & other students and not be disruptive.
  5. Must comply with all range commands and respond positively to instruction.
  6. Must take the intermediate qualifier safely and with excellent gun handling skills.

If the student meets the above requirements and is considered eligible by the Instructors and the Pistol Committee, an invitation to join the Tuesday Knights Action Pistol League will be offered. A TK orientation is also required and can be done once the invitation is made.

Action Qualification

Action Qualification begins with all the above requirements. The intermediate qualifier is the final step required to be invited to be an Action qualified member. Passing the qualifier does not automatically get you Action qualification. Passing the qualifier is only a small part of the requirement to get an Action Card.  The knowledge, skills and attitude shown in safety and gun handling are more important. It is the score on the qualifier that determines if a member gets the Action qualification card. All the rules in the rule book for Action qualified members must be followed at all times.