Membership Information

Becoming a member of the Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club is fairly simple, and can be done within one month. The following steps must be taken in order to become a member. As a member, you will be able to vote at General Membership Meetings and in elections of the club board, and have access to use the club facility outside of scheduled public events.

Current Members

Existing members can renew online. Dues are due by Oct 31 every year. Renewals are being done online, with renewal information being sent to each member via email. Renewal forms will be mailed to members who renewed by mail last year.

To add a guest pass, spouse/junior member, buy out of a work party, or order a replacement key card, please fill out this form.

Membership Requirements

PLEASE NOTE: We have changed our membership process. We are accepting applications and payments online instead of using printed forms.

  1. Find a Sponsor. All new members need to be sponsored by a current club member. If you’ve been to events at our club (Trap, IDPA, USPSA, CMP, etc) you’ve likely already met some of our members. All events are on the club calendar on our website. You can also attend the monthly membership meeting on the first Tuesday of each month and find a sponsor. You MUST have a sponsor prior to joining the waitlist. Applicants without sponsors will be removed from the list. Part of the purpose for sponsorship is to encourage all applicants to meet club members and attend events at the club. For this reason, the sponsorship requirement will not be waived.
  2. Join the Waitlist. In order to properly track and sequence new applicants through the new member process, you must start by filling out the new member waitlist. This allows us to confirm your sponsor and to contact you to start the online payment and new member meeting processes. It may take several months for you to be contacted, please be patient. You will receive an email when you are invited to apply.  You must obtain a sponsor prior to joining the waitlist, and they will be contacted to confirm their sponsorship. To join the waitlist, click here.
  3. Apply Online. Once your sponsor is confirmed you will be emailed a special link to submit the full new member application and online payment. Payments are ONLY handled via the online process, and you need to be invited to apply and pay online before proceeding to the new-member orientation and work party requirements.
  4. Attend a General Membership Meeting. The General Membership Meetings are at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of every month.
  5. Attend an Orientation Meeting. Club Orientation is at 7 pm on the second Thursday of every month to explain the club rules and regulations. You may also opt to qualify for indoor range use following orientation.
  6. Attend a Club Work Party. Provisional members must complete 4 hours of work that benefits the club to attain full member status. Members must also complete an additional four hours of work each year, during years 2, 3 and 4 of their membership. Members may opt-out of the work parties in years 2, 3 and 4 by paying a $100 fee in each year that the work party requirement is not met. Provisional members may not opt-out of the first year’s service requirement. General Club Work Parties are usually the second Saturday of the month, from 8 am until noon. Archery Work Parties are the Saturday before the second Sunday, March through September. Special arrangements can be made for provisional members who cannot attend Saturday work parties (if, for example, the provisional member’s work schedule makes attending on Saturday impossible), but in no case will the service requirement be waived. Current members are encouraged to participate in club work parties.  Sign up at
  7. Attend a second General Membership Meeting. You will be issued your Member Key Card at the second meeting you attend. The General Membership Meetings are held at 7:00 pm the first Tuesday of every month.

Membership Fees for New Members

There is a one-time $150 initiation fee for all new members plus a one-time $10 deposit for the security access card and first year dues. Dues for NEW members are $200 a year, November 1 through October 31. The dues for your first year are prorated quarterly at time of application:

November 1 – January 31


February 1 – April 30


May 1 – July 31


August 1 – October 31


New Membership Costs:
Dues (see above) $200 or less
Initiation Fee $150
Membership Card $10
Optional additions for Junior(s), Spouse, or Enhanced Spouse

Total: $360 (or less, see proration schedule)

All fees must be paid at time of application at the General Membership Meeting. No new memberships are accepted by mail. You must apply in person at the General Membership Meeting.

Membership Fees for Family and Guests

A member that wishes to bring family members to the club can purchase either a Spouse or Junior Membership for each individual. Effective as of April 2016, there are two rate structures for membership. The rate is determined by the date you joined the club. See the tables below for pricing information.

Spouse and Junior members cannot access the club without the presence of the Full Member, nor can they vote in General Membership Meetings or in elections of club officers. Should a Spouse or Junior member choose to upgrade their membership at a later date, there is no initiation fee, but the other new member requirements must be completed.

Junior Members must be under 18 at the time of membership application/renewal to be added to the membership for each membership year.  There is no minimum age for Junior members; it is up to the discretion of the full member. When Junior Members turn 18 they may join as full members without paying an initiation fee as long as they complete the process during that membership year.

Enhanced Spouse members can use the club on their own, vote, and are entitled to all other benefits of a full member As Enhanced Spouse members can use the ranges independently, they need to attend Orientation and qualify to use the Rifle and Pistol ranges. Enhanced Spouse members may also purchase guest passes and bring their own guests.

A member can also purchase a guest stamp for $50/year. With a guest stamp, a member can bring up to 2 guests to the club. There is no limitation on the number of guest visits allowed, only on the number of guests at each visit. The member is responsible for ensuring guests follow all club rules and safety procedures. The guest pass may be purchased after being a member in good standing for 2 months. Guests must complete the guest waiver each time they visit the club. This is to be done upon arrival to the club PRIOR to using any of the facilities, using the kiosks in the clubhouse entranceway.

Members who joined before April 2016 have the following rate structure:

Annual Dues $150
Senior Rate $37.50
Spouse $22.50
Enhanced Spouse $50
Junior $15
Guest Stamp $50

Members who join after April 2016 have the following rate structure:

Annual Dues $200
Senior Rate $50
Spouse $30
Enhanced Spouse $66
Junior $20
Guest Stamp $50


New members must be sponsored by an existing club member. Sponsors are responsible for guiding new through the new member process as well as making sure that they follow club rules. Prospective members can meet club members at public events including Friday night Trap, IDPA, USPSA, Steel League, CMP, 3D Archery, and other monthly organized events.

Sponsor Responsibilities include taking the prospective member on tours of the club, helping them to understand club rules and responsibilities, and introducing them to the club at a general membership meeting.

New Member Limits

We will only accept 25 new members per month. All new members must have a sponsor prior to joining the waitlist.


We have a Frequently Asked Questions page that may answer some of your questions. If it doesn’t, please send an email!

Contact Us

If you have questions regarding club membership, please e-mail us at: