LPRGC – IDPA – 2019


We will be running every other month starting in February an  IDPA New Shooter Class during match in BAY 5 so if you want to learn the sport and not shoot the regular match sign up and chose squad 5
next class is in April 2019

Sign up here for match or class

I highly recommend anyone interested in learning the sport or to improve substantially their  skill sets to sign up in squad 5

It is open to all shooters , even if you already shot a match or two.

We are running  strong class environment and most likely will end with classifications. There is plenty of room and no pressure except to be safe and learn.

Our club match is held on the 4th Saturday of every month.

Defensive pistol shooting as a sport is the use of practical equipment including full power ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios. Shooters competing in Defensive Pistol events are required to use practical handguns and holsters that are suitable for self-defense use. No “competition only” equipment is permitted in Defensive Pistol matches.  New to IDPA? Download the New Shooter Information Guide. Get the complete IDPA Rule Book.
Membership Application for IDPA  

DATE: Fourth Saturday of the Month
WHERE: Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club, Outdoor Pistol Range
COST: $20
TIME:  set up 8:00 am 8:00 am – set up 9:00 am – Registration Starts 9:30 am – New shooter brief (all new shooters must attend!) 9:50 am – Safety Brief and welcome shooters 10:00 am – Start time estimated end time ~ 3:30 ish Cleanup immediately after last stage. 

Each match will contain at least six courses of fire. Registration begins at 9:00am. Shooters new to the sport will be required to participate in a safety check and New Shooter Briefing. First-time shooters are not required to be members of IDPA, but will need to be for all subsequent matches. One year memberships cost $40 and can be paid at the match. IDPA equipment is brief and simple. Any handgun, holster, magazine or other equipment that can reasonably be used for concealed carry can be used at an IDPA match. The minimum caliber requirement is 9mm/38 Special. No more than four magazines can be carried on you for a single stage: one in the gun, two in magazine holders and a fourth in a pocket to top the gun off. More magazines are helpful to keep the match moving smoothly, but not necessary. 150 rounds of ammunition will be adequate for the entire match. In keeping with the spirit of IDPA, all matches will require a cover garment. Please bring your favorite form of cover to the match.

 For more information about I.D.P.A. matches at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club, please contact Walt Mosetter, Match Director via email. For more information about I.D.P.A., including the complete rule book, please visit www.idpa.com

We are  adding a specialty division  to our monthly match. Carry Optics will be added to this months match so those of you who own one can use it in a match and practice. Division will be listed on Practiscore as Carry Optics. All IDPA rules apply for the guns to be used in that division. Below are the rules regarding specialty divisions. We are just adding carry optics to an IDPA legal gun. We are not doing anything with activated lasers, mounted lights or .22 caliber guns at this time.

8.2.10 Specialty Divisions (SPD)

  • IDPA encourages shooters to practice their gun handling skills with commonly carried firearms. Many everyday carry firearms do not fit into the 6 competition handgun divisions.
    IDPA allows clubs to add “Specialty Divisions” for scoring. This division allows cartridges smaller than 9 mm, carry optics, activated lasers, mounted lights, and other firearms which do not fit into the other competition divisions to participate in matches.
  • All other IDPA equipment rules apply for holsters and loading device holders as well as their placement on the body. Match Directors also have the option to allow junior shooters with .22 rim fire firearms to begin strings at low ready in lieu of requiring a holster.
    All IDPA membership rules apply.
    Specialty Division classifications are based on the shooters highest classification of regular IPDA divisions.
  • Clubs are not required to implement this provision, and Match Directors are allowed discretion with implementation so that match quality remains high.

Walter Mosetter
LPRGC Match Director

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SEPTEMBER 27,28,29 2019

Walter Mosetter
Match Director


Coming SEPT 2019


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