Our rifle programs focus on providing training and facilitating organized events at the club. The Rifle Committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Clubhouse.  For questions about our rifle programs, please email Mark Harvill (lprgcmark@gmail.com)

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Range Improvements for 2023

In conjunction with the Membership approved Capital project to install an eyebrow on the range, the Rifle Committee took the opportunity presented by the extended range closure to make improvements in other places too!  Gone are the old, outdated shooting benches- they’ve been replaced by custom-built center console benches much like the one that got good reviews in Position 5.  Additionally, work on the berms has proceeded very well- the main impact berm has had several feet of screened soil laid over it, and earthen berms have been erected in front of the 25 and 50 yard target boxes.  This should present a firing solution that reduces the risk of a skip or ricochet off of a hard surface.  See the pics below for the new look!

UPDATE 9/9/23:

Well, thanks to all of the volunteers who came out, to Liberato Steel for their on-schedule delivery and problem solving, to APM Construction for their fine work, and to leaders like Chris Keebler, the project was completed on 9/9/23- right on schedule!  The Range was re-opened for use Saturday afternoon, and we sure are happy with the results!  LPRGC is driven by it’s volunteers- we literally couldn’t do it without you all- thanks again for coming out to support the Club and for putting in the “sweat equity” to make sure it’s a great place to shoot for years to come.

The Berm Building Crew hard at work!

Testing out the new 100 Yard Target Stand System!

New shooting benches, hot off the press!

Lumber.  Lots of lumber!

Exciting improvements to the berms!

The bench-building volunteers turned out in large numbers to help build the new range equipment- we can’t do it without our volunteers!

New Range Protection System Installed on 100 Yard Range

Opened officially on October 1st, 2020, LPRGC is pleased to have completed a major capital improvement on the 100 yard range by removing aged infrastructure from the impact area and putting into place a system of baffles to provide a “zero sky” downrange experience that affords our shooters with a safe and clean environment to shoot.

We went from this:

To this:

Andrew Schildt Retains Title as PA State Champion Jr. High Power XTC!

From left to right (Ron Jones, Jen Schildt, Andrew Schildt and Justin Schildt)
Ron Jones presenting Andrew Schildt an LPRGC Recognition Award

At the December LPRGC General Membership Meeting, a special award was presented to Andrew Schildt for retaining his title of PA State Champion Jr. High Power XTC.  Andrew initially won the title in 2017 and earned the 2018 title in competition earlier this year.  He competes in High Power and Smallbore rifle events on a regular basis with great success and is known for his quiet demeanor and consistent marksmanship.  This significant accomplishment is added to another acquired by Andrew two years ago, his Distinguished Expert classification in the NRA/Winchester Smallbore Program.  

The award was presented to Andrew by Ron Jones, Vice President.

Revere’s Riders Class (Basic Rifle)

The first Revere’s Riders class has come to an end and as expected, it was a great time.  A big Thank You goes out to all of the Instructors who taught and assisted students with the class.  From facilitating the class, providing range commands, helping students with problem areas, providing a great history lesson, explaining the intricacies when sighting in a rifle for those not as experienced, to making sure the teaching environment was kept safe for all students, the Instructors made it all possible!!
Here are some pictures from the class:

For more pictures, head over to the Revere’s Riders page under Rifle or click [here]