2021 Election

Election results can be found here.

The 2021 Board of Directors Election will be held as part of the upcoming General Membership Meeting on October 6 2020 via Zoom. You must attend the Zoom meeting in order to vote. You MUST pre-register to attend the Zoom meeting using this link. You will also need to be at a computer with access to email during the meeting to vote, as the ballots will be submitted electronically.

Sal Marandola has accepted the role of Chairman of the Election committee. He will be running the election process in accordance with the club bylaws.

The following candidates have been nominated and will appear on the ballot:

PositionCandidate 1Candidate 2
PresidentBill Cassidy
Vice PresidentRon JonesRich Wilson
Recording SecretaryBrian KesterBill Vigilante
TreasurerPaul Jones
Membership SecretaryAndrew Schaefer
ChairmanFrank Tait
Safety DirectorDan McMonigle
Ways and Means DirectorVicki Lynch
House and Property Director (2)Walter MosetterJustin Schildt

Candidate Statements

Each candidate had the opportunity to submit a written statement. The following statements have been submitted for the contested positions:

Vice President Candidate – Ron Jones


My name is Ron Jones and I have held the position of Vice President of Lower Providence Rod and gun Club for several years..

I originally joined LPRGC around 1978, I stayed for a couple of years but had to drop out for a while as life got busy. I came back around 1995 and I have been a member since. I was the pistol chairman for 3 years starting in 2000. During that time, I felt that our members could benefit from some additional training than we were able to supply through our NRA classes. With the help of some of the other pistol instructors I started the pistol clinic as a free monthly training event that was open to all members to come to as often as they like where they would receive instruction from NRA certified instructors. I felt the position of pistol chairman was one of the best jobs you could have at LPRGC because of the great support I received from the pistol group. It was a very rewarding position to have.
After leaving the position as pistol chairman I continued to work with the pistol group as a firearms instructor assisting with the NRA classes and the monthly pistol clinic.

Over the years I have also work with the rifle and trap groups. I have also assisted with our monthly work parties with grounds keeping, snow removal Etc. for many years.

Now as Vice President of LPRGC I have been working with the rest of the board in the operation of the club. As I see it, the Vice President works for all the members. I believe that is my responsibility to see to it that all our members have a positive experience here at LPRGC. I have always encouraged our members to feel free to contact me with any question they might have about the club and I would do my best to assist them with any problems they may have. I am looking for to continuing in this role for another year. I hope I have your support. Thank you.
Ron Jones

Vice President Candidate – Rich Wilson

Hello My Name is Rich Wilson

I am Running for Vice President

Little bit about myself, I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up mostly in Norristown. Live in Audubon, I have been married for 39 years have 3 children, 2 grandchildren. My grandchildren have just began shooting Reveres Riders at the club.

I have been a member of Lower Providence Rod and Gun club for going on 9 years now. I am currently a member of the pistol committee and have been for four years now, I am a NRA instructor in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. I volunteer for multiple activities at the club.

I want to recognize Ron Jones for the many years of excellent service as Vice President, I Believe that it’s time for someone with fresh prospective regarding the continued safety standards and growth of the club. I believe that any governing body should have term limits. If elected I have ideas to make it easier for new people to run for office, if they so desire.

Thank you for your time and consideration to be considered for your vote for Vice President, and I encourage everyone who is eligible to vote to do so that’s what makes our club strong.

Thank You,

Rich Wilson

Recording Secretary Candidate – Brian Kester

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of LPRGC for the past 10 years. For those of you whom I have not personally met, I’d like to give you a little background.

I have been a member of LPRGC for over 15 years. During that time I have spent countless hours giving back to this great club; as an NRA Instructor in multiple disciplines; as a participant in all of the shooting sports offered at the club; attending monthly work parties; assisting in pistol clinics; helping with range qualifications in both rifle and pistol; teaching pistol and rifle classes; working one on one with new members to help them get up to speed and get comfortable with the club; spending many hours most weeks at the club doing general maintenance and other activities. Many of you may have also seen or talked with me at King Shooters Supply, where I also spend (sometimes too much) time as Compliance Manager supporting the shooting sports and our 2nd amendment rights.

Last year, I developed and ran the first Club Family Day, introducing almost 100 members and their families to the many activities that the club has to offer. Unfortunately Covid-19 forced us to cancel this year’s event, but I plan to do my best to make sure it happens in 2021. 

My focus as a Board member is toward the club as a whole, to advocate for the betterment all disciplines.

In this time of Covid-19, the current Board re-opened the club prior to the Governor’s “approval”, continued to increase membership, developed protocols to allow many of the clubs events to continue, training classes to be offered, and moved  forward with facility improvements.  All of this, while providing members with a safe and secure environment to pursue our shared love of the shooting sports.

The Board as it stands is strong, works well together maintaining a financially strong club with the goal of moving forward in many ways. Our plans for the future include a refurbished kitchen, repaving of the driveways, a picnic pavilion, a new ventilation system and refurb of the old indoor pistol range, a new outdoor pistol bay that will be open at all times for members even when competition events close the current outdoor range, additional training and education opportunities, a women’s program to include not only classes and events for women, but a focused effort to train and develop a cadre of female instructors.

It is clear that the current Board and I have served you well, and I encourage you to keep this Board intact, by casting your vote for me as your Recording Secretary. 

The role of Recording Secretary isn’t glamorous, but it is important. The responsibilities include maintaining records (minutes) of all meetings, assuring club compliance with local and state regulations, security and background clearances for all instructors who work with minors, and maintaining the club historical documents. Currently I am in the process of digitizing all records dating back to the club’s founding in 1947. It has taken time to develop an understanding and define all of the requirements and expectations of the job, I believe that my accomplishments as Recording Secretary and activities going above and beyond as a Board member speak for themselves.

Again, I ask for your vote on Tuesday October 6th 2020.


D. Brian Kester

Recording Secretary, LPRGC

Recording Secretary Candidate – Bill Vigilante

My name is Bill Vigilante and I am running for the Recording Sectary seat on the LPRGC board.  Since 2010 I have being very active at the club helping club members by instructing rifle classes, pistol classes and running squads at IDPA matches as a Chief Safety Officer (CSO).

I have enjoyed being active in the club helping members these past 10 years.  It has provided a practical perspective on how the club is used and what changes could make it more enjoyable for all members.

It is with this perspective that I am running for the Recording Secretary seat on the LPRGC board.  As Recording Secretary I will bring a fresh perspective to the board by addressing the following issues that directly affect all members:

  • Provide easier access to club records:
  • Directly accessible to general membership with password protection
  • Searchable by topic on the club website
  • Promote permanent projects:
  • Washing station on outdoor range
  • Improve janitorial and sanitation services
  • Shade on the outdoor pistol range

Access to Club Records:  The primary responsibility of a recording secretary is marking a record of the general and board meetings, including votes held.  Currently the records are not readily accessible to the membership.  Rather, a member has to request the notes for a specific meeting via email in an effort to prevent unauthorized access of the records.  However, changes can be made to organize and make the information more easily available to members by hosting this information behind a password protected website.

Washing Stations and Improved Janitorial Services:  Sanitation is a critical issue particularly during the Covid epidemic.  However, the restrooms in the club house often go extended periods without cleaning and our port-0-johns on the ranges often go weeks without changing/cleaning.  Although the club provided spray bottles on the ranges with cleaning solution, actual hand wash stations have been available for years and are used at other clubs.  The club has the financial resources to ensure effective janitorial services multiple times a week (e.g., before and after weekends), to add hand washing stations to the outdoor ranges, and to have our porta-potties swapped and/or clean weekly.  There should be no excuses for lack of proper sanitation and as a board member I will make sure the topic is kept in the forefront until it is properly addressed.

Shade on Outdoor Range: With the addition of the stone the outdoor pistol range the bays get hot in the summer months.  When it rains there is no cover.  For years members have complained about the lack of shade but a solution has never been provided.  Multiple viable options are available and I plan to work with the board and the pistol committee to finally find a solution.

In addition to promoting the above issues, I am always open to working on other projects and new ideas to improve the experience, comfort, and, most importantly, safety of all members and guests.

Volunteering at the club these past 10 years has been very rewarding and I would like to have the opportunity help even more as a Board Member.   As such, I ask for your vote to help add a new voice to the board.  Thank you very much for your time and attention to my candidate statement.