100 Yard Range

LPRGC has a 100 yard rifle range featuring 7 bench shooting positions. In order to preserve the backstop, we ask shooters to fill in the firing line starting from the benches on the right-hand side of the range.

There are permanently mounted steel targets that may only be shot with lead ammo.  No armor piercing or steel penetrator rounds are permitted- 5.56 62 grain SS109 and M855 are steel penetrator rounds and MAY NOT be used on the steel target as they damage the targets.

Range Rules Highlights

  • Eye and ear protection must be worn while shooting is in progress
  • All shooting must be done from the bench. Exception: Multi-position qualified shooters are permitted to shoot from the Multi-Position Bay
  • Chamber flags are required for all rifles and shotguns. Chamber flags can be purchased for $1 at Rifle events.
  • All rifles must be cased when not on the firing line
  • Firearms MUST ONLY be uncased and cased at the bench
  • All pistols and rifles must be fired from the benches at the 100 yard firing line
  • Shotgun shooters may pattern shotguns by walking their cased shotgun down range and shooting into the bunker when the range is not in use by other shooters.
  • No handling of firearms at any time when people are down range
  • No handling of firearms at any time behind the firing line
  • Do not shoot the baffles, support posts, or anything else except an approved paper target mounted on the appropriately sized target holder
  • Position targets high enough that the bullet lands in the dirt of the backstop, not the gravel or the ground baffles.

Range Hours
Range hours will be from 8:00 AM to sunset on weekdays and Saturdays and from 11:00 AM to sunset on Sundays and major holidays. Board Sanctioned Events may begin prior to 11:00 A.M. on Sundays. Major holidays are as follows: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Time of sunset for purposes of this provision is defined as follows:

November, December, January: 4:00 PM EST
February: 5:00 PM EST
March, April, May, September: 7:00 PM EST
June, July, August: 8:00 PM EST
October: 6:00 PM PM EST

Range Qualification
Members must qualify in order to use the 100 yard range. The range qualification process includes a range orientation, review of range rules and safety. After sighting in your high-power (.223 or higher) rifle, you will also have to place 5 rounds on a NRA SR-1 target at 100 yards from the bench. Shooters may use either iron or optical sights.

Members who joined before January 1, 2008 are “grandfathered” into the old range qualification rules. These members may use the range without qualifying, but are restricted to loading only one round in the gun at a time. In order to load multiple rounds into a rifle, the shooter must complete the normal range qualification process.

For more information about qualification, see the Rifle Refresher page.

Target Stands
Target stands have been provided at 25, 50, and 100 yard distances. Members are required to use the provided target stands in order to ensure that their targets are placed at an appropriate height. Members may not bring their own target stands or place the club-provided target stands at incorrect distances. When a target is properly placed, you should see the dirt of the backstop level with the center of your target.

With the opening of the 5-bay 25 yard pistol range, we anticipate that most pistol shooting will be done there. Pistol shooters wishing to shoot from distances greater than 25 yards are welcome to use the 100 range, but must do so while seated at a bench at the covered 100 yard firing line. Pistols may be fired at targets placed at 50, or 100 yards. Pistols may not be fired at the 25 yard targets due to excessive bullet drop at the 100 yard backstop.  If you want to shoot your pistol at 25 yards, please utilize the outdoor pistol range.

Shotgun shooters may pattern shotguns with bird or buck shot by walking their cased shotgun down range and shooting into the bunker when the range is not in use by other members. If a member arrives and wishes to use the 100 yard firing line, the shotgun shooter has 15 minutes to finish up and return the range to 100 yard firing use.

Multi-position bay
Shooters must have their current multi-position qualification card displayed on one of the provided hooks in order to use the multi-position bay. Members who are not multi-position qualified must shoot from the bench.  You must have completed the Jr. Rifle, NRA Basic Rifle, Revere’s Riders or Carbine 1 AND Carbine 2 to be eligible to test for multi-position.  The Rifle Chairman reserves the right to accept other qualifications such as the Jeff Gonzales defensive carbine class as a prerequisite.