Rifle Refresher

NOTE NEW DATES AND TIMES effective March 1.

If you would like help sighting in a rifle, become familiar with a new purchase, or work on specific skills, please come out and join us.  You will also be able to shoot the rifle range qualification and earn your outdoor range card if you have not yet done so.  The Rifle Refresher is run on the first SECOND Saturday of each month from 8-10 AM 12:30-2:30 PM (immediately following the monthly work party) on the 100 yard range .

Range Qualification Procedure

In order to qualify to use the 100 yard range, you will need to demonstrate safe gun handling skills and participate in a range orientation.  The qualification is run during the rifle refresher once a month.

You will need to bring a high powered rifle in a case and enough ammunition to qualify.  We recommend that each member bring 40-50 rounds of ammunition.  NRA SR1 100-yard targets will be provided.  Bring your rifle in a case to the range.  An instructor will work with you to help you get set up safely and review any rifle operation questions you may have.  After zeroing your rifle, you will need to make 5 hits in a row on a 2ft. x 2ft. target at 100 yards.  Once you have successfully completed the shooting portion of the qualifier, we will review the outdoor range rules and answer any questions you may have.  You will be given a range qualification card and then will be able to use the 100 yard range at your convenience.

Multi-Position Qualification

The Multi-Position qualification allows members to shoot rifles from standing, seated, kneeling, and prone positions using the bay on the left hand side of the 100 yard range or to use these positions on the 25yd or the Indoor ranges.  In order to be eligible for the multi-position qualification, you need to have completed either Appleseed, Revere’s Riders, NRA Basic Rifle, or Carbine 1 AND Carbine 2 class that was taught at LPRGC.

Classes taken at other locations are only accepted if approved by the Rifle Chairman.  Eligible members may qualify during the rifle refresher.

To qualify, members must place 10/10 rounds on a steel AQT target from each position they wish to shoot from.  The qualification must be renewed annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a .22lr rifle to qualify?
If you only own a .22lr rifle, you may use it to qualify.  If you own a higher caliber rifle, please bring it instead.  We want to be sure that you can safely handle your firearm.

Is there a “largest caliber” restriction like the indoor range?
No.  Once you are qualified to use the outdoor range, you may shoot any caliber allowed under the 100 yard range rules.

When should I arrive?
Please help out at the work party as if we finish early, we will start qualifications early.  Late arrivals may not be able to qualify if we run out of time.

Can I use a Pistol on the 100 yard range without qualifying?
No.  You must qualify before using the range.

Can I qualify at a different time?
Please contact the Rifle Chairman to make arrangements.

What should I bring?
Bring your rifle in a case, 40-50 rounds of ammunition, and eye & ear protection.